Sunday, January 30, 2011

**Free Day**

Yesterday, I gave myself sort of a "free" day. And I don't just mean a free day on food consumption. I mean, a free day from thinking about anything related to my losing weight because for the last month it's been all I've thought about! I've been, mildly, obsessed with the scale, meal planning and calorie counting, struggling with exercising, drinking water, fighting off cravings, etc., but yesterday I didn't think about of any of that stuff. Yesterday was Mama-Daughter Day!

One of my new year's resolution was to spend more alone time with each of my kids. So, this weekend I spent time with my oldest daughter, Brenna, and my husband took our youngest daughter, Aubree, to our cabin for some Daddy-Daughter time. Yesterday, Brenna and I went out to breakfast, we did some shopping, we went to Starbucks for a coffee break, and chatted for a half hour (well, she had juice and I had the coffee), we went out to dinner, and went to see a play. It was a wonderful day, and it was nice not to think about my weight, at all, for one full day.

However, today, I'm back to the meal planning for the upcoming week, and all that other stuff, but it's okay because I had a day off, and now I'm ready to get back to it. I know, eventually, it won't all feel so overwhelming, and it will all, pretty much, come second nature to me - right??! Listen, I lived one way for 38 years, and I know it's going to take more than four short weeks to change a lifetime of bad habits, and to get into a new, healthy lifestyle, but I know I can do it....I am doing it, and I know it will get easier, with time.


  1. I did the same yesterday, well, for the second part of the day anyway - and it was so freeing. You're not the only one who feels like they are obsessing, believe me! Counting every calorie, no alcohol, blah blah blah. Right back on the obsessive track today though, ha! It's a good feeling to feel 'normal' once in awhile and then know that it's back to business without a fuss ; )

  2. I think, it's okay to have free days. And I don't mean by going and eating 5 Big Macs, and drinking 3 Starbucks Peppermint Mochas, or anything like that. Just a day, every now and then, that you relax a little, and don't worry about every single calorie.