Wednesday, November 30, 2011

**Still Day 334**

I'm going to be participating in this challenge (thank you to Deb for bringing it to my attention!), and it's just what I need!!  It's going to be a good challenge, and there's a chance to win gifts, so that's a great bonus!  Jess (a runner) is putting on the challenge - you can check out the details here!!

**Days 332, 333, & 334**

Weight today - 229.5

So, it's not good.  I've done alot of damage.  And my first instinct is to say ~ Screw it!  I'll just do whatever this month, and start again in January!   But I'm not going to do that because I have no doubt that I if I eat like shit, and don't exercise, for the whole month of December I will gain the 19 pounds I have lost, and then I'll be starting from square one come Jan. 1st.  I've been gaining since July, and I need to stop!!

It's so hard to understand why I can't lose this weight when it's something I want so badly.  It, truly, boggles my mind, but I'm so tired of talking about it.  I'm tired of blogging about my failures, and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it!  I did so well the first six months of this year - I was so in the zone!  Then, for some reason, I just lost my motivation, and I went back to my usual cycle of doing great for three days, and then, totally, sucking for four days, and around and around I went - it's so frustrating!  But I know I can lose weight - I did it for 6 months, and I just need to get back there.

So, I have a huge weight loss goal for December.  I'm crazy to even attempt it because, really, who the hell tries to lose a bunch of weight in December??  But I need the challenge!!  I need a plan!!  I need to go into the new year with a loss!!  My goal is to have December be the month with my biggest loss.  Right now, January is the winner - I lost 11.5 pounds in January.  So, my goal for December is to lose 12 pounds.  I can do this!  Yes, I've gained and gained for the last few months, but I can make this goal happen if I want it enough.  Do I?  I do!  I know, you're all, probably, thinking that this is not going to happen, but come on - double dog dare me to do it!!  No, triple dog dare me!!

I'm heading down to my treadmill!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

**Days 329, 330, & 331**

I was going to make a joke about how awful I've been doing, but my poor food choices and lack of exercise over the last few days is, seriously, nothing to joke about!  This weekend was a test, and I failed, miserably.  I stepped on the scale this morning, and I'm too ashamed to even type the number I saw!  I'm putting the scale out of my mind until I weigh-in on Wed. (last day of month), and then I'll let you all know where I'm at, but, right now, I'm not in a good place, and I need take a couple days to get myself together.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

**Days 327 & 328**

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  So, I didn't start this long holiday weekend off very good - I didn't eat all that good yesterday, and I didn't exercise fail!  I know this is going to be a tough weekend for me, and, obviously, I'm already not putting forth my best effort, but I'm going to try to do better.  I'm going to put most of my focus on family, and not so much on the food.  I will exercise, at some point, today, and I'm going to drink lots of water, and hope the water will make me feel full, so I won't want to eat too much!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

**Day 326**

It rained all day, so I didn't get my outdoor 5k training in, but I did go to the gym tonight:

Treadmill - 10 min.
Crossramp Elliptical - 20 min.
Life Fitness Elliptical - 10 min.
Treadmill - 10 min.

The first treadmill I got on was really wobbly, so I only stayed on it for 10 min., and then I got on another treadmill after doing two different ellipticals, and that treadmill was much better!  Anyway, 50 min. of cardio - I'm happy with my workout tonight!

It's almost midnight, and I'm exhausted, so I've got nothing else.  Goodnight!

Monday, November 21, 2011

**Days 324 & 325**

The results have, finally, been posted for the 5k race I did on Saturday - 43:23!  Honestly, I don't think I finished  in less than 45 minutes.  They didn't have timing chips, so I don't even know how they timed it, but my husband thinks the time is about right, so, I guess, I'll take it!

I haven't worked out since the race - I planned a rest day for Sunday, but tonight I did plan on going out for some 5k training, but it didn't happen.  I have no excuse.  I tend to get lazy after I do a race.  I don't know why.  It's stupid.  I WILL workout tomorrow!  5k training, AND a trip to the gym!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

**Day 323**

I participated in the Give Then Gobble 5k this morning with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.  Of course, I forgot to start my watch when we started the race (I do this every time!!), so I don't know, exactly, how long it took me.  This wasn't a very big race - no timers along the way, no water stations, no time chips, etc., but they said it would be timed.  They did call out my bib number at the end, so I'm hoping they post the time results soon.  My hubby thinks I did it in less than 45 min., but I don't think so - we'll see.  I struggled big time!  I started out running, but I only lasted about 4 or 5 minutes, and then I alternated between walking and running the rest of the race.  It was cold and windy out there, but I had a good time!  Click on collage to enlarge.

Friday, November 18, 2011

**Day 322**

I last weighed in on Nov. 8th (228.5) when I had that huge gain of 10.5 pounds, remember?  Well, it looks like it was a true gain because today I weighed in at:

Wow! I still can't believe I gained 10.5 pounds in 8 days, AND I can't believe I've only lost 3.5 pounds since Nov. 8th when I saw that gain because I have worked out 8 days out of the last 10, and I've kept track of my calories.  I haven't been doing great on my water or on getting to bed at a decent hour, but I was still expecting to lose more.  I'm not going to dwell on it though because the number is going down, so I'm going focus on that and keep working hard!

I have the 5k race tomorrow morning, so I'm just going to do a light 2 mile workout on the treadmill today.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

**Day 321**

I did a 3.2 mile walk/run with my mom and my daughter tonight - it was cold out there!  I did 2.8 miles in 44:29, and then I turned around to go find my mom and my daughter because it was dark out, and I couldn't see them anymore.  We were out there for 52:36 total, so we got a good workout!  I'm not even going to complain about how slow I was tonight.  I know I worked my butt off out there, and I know I'll get better if I keep training, regularly.  I'm not going to worry about the race on Saturday.  I'm going to do my best, and try to better my time from the last race, which was 45:54.  Most of all, I'm just going to enjoy being out there with my aunt and my mom!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

**Day 320**

Gym workout tonight:

Elliptical:  15 min.
Treadmill:  20 min.
Arc trainer: 10 min.

It feels really good to be going to the gym every night.  I wish I was doing as good with my 5k training!  I haven't done any running outside since Sunday, so I'm dreading the 5k race on Saturday!

To be honest, I, kind of, want to give up on the outdoor running, but probably because it's so much harder than running on my treadmill.  I'm not going to give up though because I haven't put in the time I should have in order to get better, so I have to give it a chance.  I'm going skip the gym tomorrow night, and do some running outside instead.  I can't expect it to get easier if I don't train, right?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

**Day 319**

I went to the gym, again, tonight with my friend, Jen.  I love that I have someone to go with!  We don't talk much while we're there because we're doing our own thing, but I'm afraid I wouldn't force myself to go if she didn't go, too.  Workout tonight:

Elliptical - 20 min.
Treadmill - 20 min.
Arc trainer - 10 min.

50 min. of cardio - yay!  With all this exercising I'm doing I better not weigh-in at 228.5 on Friday!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

**Day 318**

Quicky post!  I just got back from the gym:

Arc Trainer - 20 min.
Treadmill - 15 min.
Crossbody Ellipitical - 10 min.

And then I did a few of the weight machines.  So, I had a great workout.  My eating was good today, too.  I didn't get as much water in as I should have - only had about 48 ounces.  Why is drinking alot of water so hard?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

**Days 316 & 317**

I didn't make time to exercise yesterday - I suck!  My girls, my hubby, and my dogs were at the cabin, so I took advantage of the fact that I didn't HAVE to get up, and slept late instead.  Once I got up I spent four straight hours cleaning my whole house and doing laundry, so I'm sure I burned some extra calories, but I still should have made time to get on the treadmill.   Anyway, once I was done cleaning I headed to the hospital to spend the night with my sister and my new niece - it was wonderful!! :)

I've spent a small fortune on running shoes this year trying to find the right pair, but it hasn't happened, and my most recent pair has been causing me alot of pain.  So, today I went to Road Runner Sports and they performed a running analysis on me - they video taped me while I ran on a treadmill.  Turns out that I am a supinator, so I need a Neutral shoe, but I was wearing a Stability shoe.  Also, they measured me at a size 8W, but I've been wearing a size 7.5R.  I ended up buying Brooks Ghost 4 running shoes in an 8.5W, and I, also, purchased a custom insole for my shoes.  Is this whole analysis thing just a scam??  I have no idea, but I'm willing to listen to their suggestions - I just want to be able to walk and run pain-free.  Also, I can wear the shoes for up to 90 days, and if they don't work I can take them back, and exchange them.  I did wear them on a 2 mile walk/run tonight, and they felt good.  I had less heel pain, and there was no pain in my toes, so it's a good start.

My next official 5k race is this coming Saturday, and I'm not ready for it, at all.  I have not trained, nearly enough, but I'll be doing it anyway, and I'll do my best!

Friday, November 11, 2011

**Day 315**

I didn't workout today, but I have a very good excuse - I was much more interested in this:
This is my brand new niece - born 11/11/11!! I won't have any trouble remembering her birthday!  My sister had to leave for the hospital early this morning to have the baby, so I helped her out by watching my nephew for awhile, and then I went to the hospital tonight to spend a little time with my sister, and my niece.  There's nothing like a brand new baby, is there?

Anyway, I'll be sure to get a good workout in tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

**Day 314**

I just got back from the gym - we practically had the whole place to ourselves!  I love working out late at night.  Anyway, I did 10 min. on the arc trainer, 20 min. on the treadmill, and 5 min. on a crossbody elliptical.  I, also, used a few of the weight machines - worked on my legs and glutes.  I've been having one of these after my workouts:

Very refreshing!  It's just the small 12 oz. bottle, and is only 30 calories.  Yum!

I'm not going to be weighing in tomorrow.  I just don't want to deal with the number on the scale, right now.  I got on the scale Wed., and it was STILL 228.5 - damn!  It discourages the heck out of me, so I'm going to spend the next week concentrating on my exercising and calories ONLY.  I'll get back on the stinking scale next Friday, and, hopefully, I'll see a lower number, at that time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

**Day 313**

I joined a gym today:
Actually, it's now called Charter Fitness - they just haven't changed the sign yet.  Anyway, I plan on making this my home away from home.  My friend, Jen, is a member, so we worked out together tonight.  I did 15 min. on the arc trainer, 15 min. on the treadmill, and 10 min. on the recumbent bike, so it was a good workout.  I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow night!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

**Still Day 312**

Listen, I'm halfway to dead, so it's time to quit messing around.  Tonight I did 10 minutes of strength training:
See my dog working hard on his sleeping

After doing the weights I did a 5k on the treadmill:

I ran non-stop the whole the first mile:

The skull iPod cover makes me a badass

I think, that's the fastest I've ever jogged a mile.  Well, okay, it's not fast, but it's my best time, so far.  I did the rest of the 5k alternating between walking and running, and finished it in 45:50 -

Yup, a pretty slow 5k, but I did it, and I burned 458 calories.

Note:  Red socks = No clean laundry....

**Day 312**

So, after I breakfast (two pieces of toast with a little peanut butter on them, one plum, hot tea, and a glass of water) I headed upstairs to get dressed for the day, and I decided to step on my scale.  I haven't been on it since Oct. 31st, which is not the norm for me.  Normally, I hop on that thing, at least, every couple days, but with the sickness going on around here I just haven't cared, or really even thought about it.  Anyway, what I saw on that scale was not good - 228.5.  Shit.  I was in shock.  I gained 10.5 pounds in 8 days?!  That's not possible, right?  Sure, I had just finished with breakfast, and I've only worked out, like, one time since my last weigh-in, and I haven't been eating all that great, but, no, gaining 10 pounds in one week did not happen.  So, I got off the scale, and stepped back on - still 228.5.  I got off again, and got back on - still 228.5.  I took the battery out of the scale, put the battery back in, and stepped on the scale again - still 228.5.  Then, for about two minutes, I went through all the stages - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  So, here I am, accepting the fact that this is where I am....again....but I refuse to stay here for long.  Heading back into the 230's is not going to happen.  Staying in the 220's isn't happening either.  Things have, clearly, gotten out of hand, and I have to do something about it, but talk is cheap.  I'm done talking.  I'll be back.

Monday, November 7, 2011

**Days 310 & 311**

I'm on day two of a monster headache.  The kind that makes you nauseous.  I'm miserable.  And my daughter woke up with pink eye.  Seriously, I'm ready for our house to be sick-free.  I realize that this has turned into a pathetic weight loss blog....okay, not that it has ever been a great one, but it's hit an all-time low.  Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow my headache will be gone.  Tomorrow I will have a great workout.   That's the plan, anyway.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

**Days 308 & 309**

The flu has landed at our house - my eldest daughter started throwing up late Thursday night, then my other daughter started throwing up Friday night, and now it's hit me.  So, it's been a long few days!  We had to cancel our daughter's birthday sleepover party, and she was so disappointed - I feel so bad for her.  Stupid flu!!  My husband is doing his best to stay away from us in the hopes that he doesn't end up sick, too!  Seriously, I can't handle anymore puking episodes, so I hope the worst is over!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

**Day 307**

My mom and I went out for a 35 minute walk/run tonight - there was more walking than running, but we had a good workout.   We're going, again, tomorrow night, and I'm going to throw some more running in!  My mom can do more than she thinks she can, so I'm going to start pushing her a bit. :)

I'm not going to do a weigh-in tomorrow since I just did one on Monday, so I'll wait until next Friday, and, hopefully, it will be a good one!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

**Days 305 & 306**

The majority of the Halloween candy went to work with my husband this morning, but there is still a little in the house, and I haven't touched one piece!  Actually, the cravings aren't even there anymore.  I feel good that I was able to resist having any because it's a huge accomplishment for me!

I didn't workout yesterday because I was dealing with cramps thanks to my bitchy monthly visitor.  Yes, I could have worked out anyway - I mean, it's not like I was doubled over in pain for anything, but I just didn't want to move, so I didn't.  However, tonight I did 30 min. walk/run.  Food-wise, I'm staying on track.   As always, I need to work on getting more water in.

I'm thinking about joining a gym - just to have a little variety.  It would be nice to mix-up my workouts by being able to use the treadmill one day, the elliptical another, the recumbent bike on yet another day.  And I would, also, take advantage of the weight machines to start working on toning my head-to-toe flabbiness!  There's a gym not too far from my house that's $10/month, and I can, certainly, swing that, so I'm, seriously, considering it.  Probably the only thing holding my back is that I hate working out in front of people - especially men - but I need to just suck it up, and not worry about what people think of me!  Anyway, if I join my goal will be to get to the gym, at least, three days a week.

I signed up for another 5k - the Give then Gobble 5k Run.  It's Saturday, Nov. 19th, and I'll be doing it with my mom and my aunt.  I'm really looking forward to it - we're going to have a great time!  I'm disappointed that I didn't do a 5k in October.  I had planned on doing one, but our October was crazy busy, and there just wasn't an ideal day to do it.  Anyway, I'll be doing the November race, and I, also, have one planned for Dec. 18 - the Reindeer Run 5k.  So, I'm getting back to it!!

Try to ignore the new ugly ass colors on my blog!  I tried to change things up and get a new template and a new background, and couldn't figure it out.  It's just not my thing!  So, I got frustrated, and ended up with the current look.  It's not good I know, but I'm too tired to care! :-\