Saturday, January 29, 2011

**Reason #10**

Reason #10 to lose weight - shorts. I want to feel comfortable wearing shorts again. I haven't worn a pair of shorts, in public, since June of 2002. We had just returned home from a trip to Wisconsin Dells, and I was downloading pictures of the trip, and came across a picture of me wearing shorts. Remember, there are never any pictures of me, and I don't own a full length mirror, so I really didn't know how I looked in shorts since becoming obese. My husband had taken pictures of our daughter, and I was in the foreground with all of my thigh fatness sticking out of my shorts - it was really awful looking! I, immediately, yelled at my husband for not telling me how disgusting my legs looked! Ha. But, as always, he said - "you're crazy, you're beautiful". Love really is blind. Anyway, I stopped wearing shorts that day!! Now, during the hot months I will only wear capris, but I want to get to the point where I feel comfortable wearing shorts again. Hopefully, this will be the year!


  1. This is a very motivating post, Shannon - because it made me realize that I did NOT wear shorts this summer either but maybe one time! It was my first time this every happened, but seeing you write about it sort of hit home. All too easy to let one year slip into the next. Can't wait to see you buy yourself some cute shorts this summer! : )

  2. Thanks, Jen. It's crazy that I haven't worn shorts in almost 9 years!! I think, it will be hard for me to do go back to them, but, hopefully, I will.