Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, this is embarrassing - after posting last night about how I was anxious to weigh in because I've had such a good week.....the scale didn't budge. I was still at 237. I looked down, and thought - well, that can't be right! I got off, and stepped on it again, and still nothing. So, I tried one more time....the same. I didn't lose anything - zip, nada, zilch! At first, I was very upset, and wondering what I did wrong, but then I realized - there are going to be weeks like this, and I just have to move on, and not let it discourage me. In the past, I would have given up, and got myself a big mac or a king size candy bar to make myself feel better, but those days are over. Next week, I will see a loss - I know it. And, hey, I didn't gain anything, so there is a silver lining!


  1. GREAT ATTITUDE! As long as you keep that frame of mind, you'll succeed! It can be tough to get on the scale and not see what you want to see. It can be downright depressing! But as long as you don't cave in and throw in the towel...or the Big'll win!

    Keep it up, baby! Keep on truckin'!

    (BIG HUGS)

  2. I tend to get really discouraged when that happens but you are right because there was no weight gain!

  3. Thanks so much for the support, Ladies!!!!