Friday, April 22, 2011

**Day 112**

Yesterday was busy, and I didn't eat good, and I didn't exercise - I just didn't plan well.  My daughter's birthday sleepover was last night, so I got up yesterday got the house cleaned up, and then we ran to the store for some last minute stuff for the party, then my girls had homeschool art class, and when that was done my daughter's friends headed over to our house around 3pm.  I knew a couple of the moms were probably going to stick around for awhile, so I bought a couple appetizers - taco dip w/ chips, and spinach dip w/ Hawaiian bread, and I had some of both.  I didn't have alot, but I did have some.  Also, there was cake in the house for the party, and before the night was over I had two pieces.  For dinner, we baked up pizza for the girls, and I had one slice.  So, I ate like crap, and then I skipped working out on my treadmill, too!  The kids were in the basement most of the night playing or watching a movie, and, yes, I could have used my treadmill even though they were down there, but I didn't want to, so I didn't.

Today, was much better!  I got back on track w/ with my food, and I got my work out in!  I finished Week 7 of my C25K training - I ran for 25 minutes., and walked for 35 minutes.  After I got off the treadmill I headed to the floor for some stretching, and it led me to Reason #22 to lose weight.....

I want to be able to sit down on the floor with ease!!  And I want to be able to get up off the floor with ease, too!  As a big person, sitting on the floor is not easy - there's no comfortable way to sit.  I can't sit Indian style because my legs are too big.  Using my arms for support doesn't work because they start aching right away. And just sitting there with my legs straight out, and my back straight looks awkward, and it kills my back!   Oh, and me getting up from the floor is not a pretty sight.  I don't want something like sitting on the floor to have to be an issue for my anymore!  And it will be nice to be able to get up from the floor with a little gracefulness someday!

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