Friday, April 29, 2011

**Day 119**

Thanks so much to Judy for giving me my first ever blog award!!

So exciting!  And it's so great to have the support of fellow bloggers - it means so much to me!

This award was created by Hyla

This is how it works:

Pass this onto your fellow bloggers who are working hard. Everyone deserves to be recognized for their hard work!
Post the award and a link to the blogger you received it from.
Name 3 things you have found the hardest on your journey.
Name 5 things you have enjoyed about your journey.
Pass the award on!
Notify the bloggers you have given the award to!

Three things I have found the hardest on my journey:
1).  To be kind to myself - I'm too hard on myself! I need to learn to give myself more credit.
2.)  Food!  Okay, I eat MUCH better than I used to, but I still get that urge to binge sometimes, and I hate that feeling!
3.)  Going to bed at a decent hour.  I stay up way too late, and I know my body and mind does not get the rest it needs.

Five things I have enjoyed about my journey:
1.)  Realizing, after almost 14 years, that I can change my lifestyle, and lose weight!  I didn't think I had it in me.
2.)  Finding support from fellow bloggers.  I appreciate them so much, and they inspire me, too!
3.)  Getting my family involved in eating better and exercising.
4.)  Cooking healthy meals for my family.
5.)  Exercising!  I didn't think I would ever enjoy exercising, but I do.

I'm passing this award along to these wonderful bloggers who support and inspire me:

Chubby McGee
Shannon B.

And thanks, again, to Judy for giving me this award!!!

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