Saturday, April 30, 2011

**Day 120**

I'm trying not to get discouraged, but it's hard.  The weight is coming off so slow, and I'm not sure why.  I'm eating good- sticking to my points plus, almost always!  I'm exercising - ALWAYS!  And I'm drinking tons of water!!  But I'm just not seeing the numbers I want to see, and it sucks.  And I'm not seeing the changes in my body that I want to see either!  I posted new pics - take a look for yourself.  So, I'm frustrated, but I have to keep going because I know I'm making progress - even if it's not HUGE progress.

So, I only lost 6 pounds in April, yup, that's it!  I thought it would be more because my jeans have been getting really baggy over the last couple weeks.  I've been, constantly, pulling them up!  I've had size 16 Old Navy jeans in my closet for about two years - I bought them hoping I would be able to get into them one day.  I tried them on about a month and a half ago, and couldn't even come close to getting them zipped - let alone buttoned!  There was probably a 2 inch gap!  Well, yesterday, I decided to pull them out since my current jeans are loose now, and guess what?  They fit!!  Yes, they're tight, but I can get them zipped, AND buttoned!!  Look:

I couldn't believe it!  And it's bizarre to me that they fit because I didn't lose that much weight in April, and when I look at my most recent pics there isn't much change, but, obviously, something is happening because these jeans did not fit last month!!!  So, this makes me happy.  And it makes it easier to deal with the slow weight loss.

So, anyway, my number on the scale this morning is 224.  I used my scale because that's the scale I started with for the Chubby Bunny Challenge and I started at 230, so I've lost 6 pounds this month.  Now, that's not going to be enough to win the challenge, but that's okay.  I enjoyed participating, and I hope to do more challenges.  And I can't wait to see how the other people did in the challenge - I hope they did great!


  1. I'm MEGA proud of you! Not only did you lose a whopping 6 pounds in 30 days, you also lost enough inches to get you into your size 16 jeans! YOU ARE AMAZING!

    They look great on you, too!

    If you could see my face right now...and how big I'm smiling since I'm so happy for you!!!!!

  2. Don't get discouraged. You are looking great no matter what the scale says!!!

  3. Who cares what the scale says... YOUR JEANS F.I.T.!!!!! BOOYA!

  4. You're doing awesome, Shannon!! Size 16? I can't wait for that day!

  5. Your doing great - I have a pair of jeans in my closet I've had for over six years I still want to get into one day. I'm so proud of you.
    stay on course. I will work on getting into my jeans now. Thanks for the inspiration. Love Dad

  6. Thanks, Dad! You can get into those jeans, for sure! Go for it! Love you!

  7. You are doing great !!! keep up the good work !!