Saturday, April 2, 2011

**Day 92**

Quick post.  I spent the morning cleaning the cabin.  It's been sitting all winter, so there was plenty to do - vacuum carpet and rugs, sweep and clean floors, scrub three toliets and two tubs, wash bed sheets, make beds, etc., so I've had a good workout already today!

Now, it's time to go outside, and enjoy the nice weather.  We're suppose to get up to 56 degress today - heat wave!  So, we're heading out to take a nice, long walk!  Last year I would have stayed home while my hubby and girls went out walking and hiking around the cabin, but those days are over.  I love that I'm more active now, and that I feel able to do more activities with my family.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. I spend more time cleaning our place up north than my house in the city !! LOL..Hope you are enjoying the weather & your family !

  2. Thank you!! We had a great weekend!