Sunday, June 19, 2011

**Day 170**

We had a great time vacationing at our cabin last week, but I'm happy to be back home!  I'm ready to get back into my routine here.  I'm going to work on a high protein meal plan this week - I'm hoping this will help move me out of the 220's!  My body hasn't been responding to what I've been eating, so I want to try something a little different.

My 5K race is only 5 weeks away, and the closer it gets the more nervous I get!  So far, I've only run 1 mile outside, so, obviously, I need to start doing more.  I'm going to try to bump it up to 2 miles this week.  I think, it will be really hard for me, but I can get through it. So, here are my fitness goals for this week:

M, W, F - Run 2 miles, Walk 1 mile, 30 Day Shred
T, Th - Treadmill 30 min., Elliptical 20 min., FIRM dvd
Sat. - Walk 2 miles, 30 Day Shred

We had a very nice Father's Day today!  My hubby is the best - he's a wonderful father and husband!

I hope you all had a great Sunday with your families!!

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