Thursday, August 25, 2011

**Days 236 & 237**

I picked up my race packet for the 5k I'm doing on Saturday:
And I, also, picked up some stuff for my nasty blisters:
Tonight was my first run since I got the blisters on Monday.  One blister is almost, completely, healed, but the other one is being stubborn, and is still very painful.  So, I used the above items before my run tonight, but by the end of mile one I could tell the bandages had slipped off because the blister was really burning, so I only ran the 1 mile:

I ran the mile at a 2.0 incline, and it kicked my butt!  I'm still very slow, but I'm not surprised because I haven't been training like I should.  Yes, my back was hurt for a week, and yes, I've been dealing with the blisters this week, BUT before that I just hadn't been giving it my all.

I did really good for the first six months or so, but for the last two months I feel like I've been doing the bare minimum.  I'm not eating horribly, but I'm not eating as good as I should be.  And I'm still exercising, but I'm not exercising at the level I should be.  I've only been doing enough to maintain the 30 pounds I've lost.  Sure, I'm glad I'm not gaining, but I need to get back to losing because I am far from being done!  But you know what?  I'm done talking about it.  I can keep talking about what I should be doing.  I can keep talking about what I'm not doing.  I can keep talking about why I'm not doing what I need to be doing.  OR I can shut up, and just do what I need to do.  I don't want to be a "talker".  I want to be a "doer".  Doers make things happen, so I need to quick talking, and MAKE THIS HAPPEN!  I know what I need to do, so I'm going to shut up, and do it!


  1. I'm nowhere near being able to run (good for you!!), but I used to get blisters while walking long distances. My doctor recommended I get double layer socks. I found them on Amazon with the brand name "wrightsock". They are great. They actually keep my feet cooler and I've not had a blister since I began wearing them. I promise I'm not advertising. Just thought it might help with the blister problem. :)

    Good luck on your 5k!! Make it happen!

  2. Thanks, Hope! I'm going to head to Amazon, and check out those socks right now! I do not want to have to suffer through anymore blisters!!