Tuesday, October 11, 2011

**Day 284**

I had another good day of exercise!  I started my morning with the 30 DS, and a treadmill workout:

And tonight my parents joined me on an outdoor 40 min. walk/run workout.  It was great working out with them!
Such a gross picture of me!!!  But that's okay because eventually I'll be able to post not-so-gross pictures of myself, and I'll be able to look back, and see how far I've come!

Calories:  1516
Water:  120 oz!


  1. It's great that you're working out with them and I think it's a really nice pic too! Lots of smiley people! :)

    My mum goes to the same gym as me and one time I watched her in the dance class and she goes crazy like a lunatic! I was out of breath just watching her! LOL

  2. Thats awesome to workout with your parents!!! And gross? I dont think so!!! Just the stage youre intoday! And youre so right!! In three months youll look back and be amazed. And then in 6 months youll do it again!! You will be so thankful to have these to look back at!!