Monday, October 31, 2011


It's 10:50pm, and I haven't had one piece of candy - even though I have all of this sitting about ten feet away from me:

In the past I would have grabbed up the Snickers, the Twix, the Hershey's, and the Kit Kats, poured myself a big glass of milk, and devoured those babies in about 5 minutes!  That was then, and this is now.  And now,  I refuse to behave that way.  I admit I really want all that chocolate, but I'm not going to have it - not even one piece.  Instead, I'll go to bed.....and probably dream about it, but that's okay because dreaming about it won't add five pounds to my already big ass.

The candy will be in the house for one more day.  We allow our girls to keep it for one day - having a bit of it throughout the day, but that's it.  After one day my hubby takes the rest to work, or we just throw it away.  So, I'll have to fight the cravings for one more day, but I can do it!


  1. oh so many chocolates.. they scored nicely lol good for you staying away... i gave in to chocolate this weekend but nothing regretable .. i wonder if its harder to give in and moderate or to just deny it altogether!!

  2. I haven't had 'Nerds' in years!!!!!!! I think they stopped selling that over here but now I really want some. Boooo @ the UK!!

  3. I did it!! Not one piece of candy passed my lips!!

  4. I could have used your will power! Our trick or treat was canceled so we STILL have tons of candy here. Once bags were open, it was all over for me. I am happy to hear you sounding string and confident! Keep it up! Think DISNEY!!! :-)