Wednesday, November 16, 2011

**Day 320**

Gym workout tonight:

Elliptical:  15 min.
Treadmill:  20 min.
Arc trainer: 10 min.

It feels really good to be going to the gym every night.  I wish I was doing as good with my 5k training!  I haven't done any running outside since Sunday, so I'm dreading the 5k race on Saturday!

To be honest, I, kind of, want to give up on the outdoor running, but probably because it's so much harder than running on my treadmill.  I'm not going to give up though because I haven't put in the time I should have in order to get better, so I have to give it a chance.  I'm going skip the gym tomorrow night, and do some running outside instead.  I can't expect it to get easier if I don't train, right?


  1. Work it out, Shannon. You're.Worth.It.

  2. I like feeling the fresh air outside but I find it so much harder than on a treadmill.

    Maybe I should just buy a treadmill and put it in the garden LOL

  3. You're right, too. Do some outside and do some inside and you'll most likely see an improvement on the outdoor runs. :) Mixin' it up will do your body good, too. ;)

    Run, chica! RUN!

  4. Thank you for your continued support Tim and Chubby!!!

  5. Thats awesome that youve been there every night!! Accountability! Ive had a meeting or work every night this week, and havent worked out once I miss it so bad!!! Cant wait to hear about your 5K!!!