Tuesday, November 8, 2011

**Still Day 312**

Listen, I'm halfway to dead, so it's time to quit messing around.  Tonight I did 10 minutes of strength training:
See my dog working hard on his sleeping

After doing the weights I did a 5k on the treadmill:

I ran non-stop the whole the first mile:

The skull iPod cover makes me a badass

I think, that's the fastest I've ever jogged a mile.  Well, okay, it's not fast, but it's my best time, so far.  I did the rest of the 5k alternating between walking and running, and finished it in 45:50 -

Yup, a pretty slow 5k, but I did it, and I burned 458 calories.

Note:  Red socks = No clean laundry....


  1. Great job!!! And dont beat yourself up over that time!!! So far, my PR for a full 5K is only 42 minutes, and Ive been doing this for a while. As long as youre being worked out at that time,then youre doing great!!!

  2. Shannon.. I'm just getting caught up with your blog.

    I'm so sorry everyone has been sick lately. I am hoping for some healthy days upcoming for you.

    I also put weight on very quickly.. but that does seem to be a crazy amount. I am hoping this morning you weighed in as well, and it was a better number for you.

    Awesome job on doing the 5k! I don't think the time really matters right now.. you did it.. that's the awesome part!

  3. I've only just written on your other post that you'd be super determined to get rid of that figure and within seconds, I read your next blog post and you are definitely showing the scales who's the boss!!

    You go girl!!!!

  4. Whoohooo! You rock that 5K! So happy Shannon got her Groove Back!

  5. It is so hard to understand what's going on with your weight gain. It shows there is no easy path to your weight loss goal but I admire you tenasity to push on and not giving up. Stay focused and move forward. You make me proud. I love your count down to our trip to Disney World

  6. Thank you so much for the support everyone! It helps to keep me going!

  7. Slow my butt...That's a great time! Good job on your first mile too..That's an awesome time! Keep it up!