Wednesday, January 18, 2012

**Days 382 & 383**

I did great with my food and water yesterday - 1250 calories and 96 ounces.  I did not exercise, and I have no excuse - I was just plain lazy.  Unacceptable.

I did exercise today:
No, not a long workout, but I burned 225 calories, and I was dripping sweat.  Seriously, this workout kicked my butt - I did interval training (3.6mph-4.5mph).

I was a little low on my calories today (1159), but I was right on with my water (96 ounces).

I'm, actually, looking forward to my weigh-in on Friday - I know I've lost weight this week!

In 16 days I'll be heading to Florida - so excited!!

In 14 days I'll turn 40 years old - NOT so excited!!


  1. oooo you must be so excited! I know I would be :D
    Good job keeping on track! I wonder how much you can lose before you go?

  2. Whooo hoo! Florida, here she comes!

    Good job on your day, too. As for birthdays, everyone has 'em. Don't worry about it. Celebrate and enjoy!

  3. Vacations are great motivators. I love/hate it when I know the only reason I didn't exercise is because I was feeling lazy. It's liberating and crazy, but really.... nobody wins. Ugh. Have a good weekend.