Thursday, January 20, 2011


Reason #6 to lose weight - age! I want to look my age. I'm 38 years old, but I've been asked if I was my sister's mom, and another time if I was my dad's wife - not great moments in my life!! I've always thought - losing weight equals looking younger. However, recently, I've had a fear of looking even older once I lose the weight. I think, the extra fat on the face covers up wrinkles, so I sure hope I don't look like Yoda under all this fat!!!!


  1. OK, first off whoever said those things to you must be blind... seriously??? Check this article out that Alex sent to me once,'s about the weight/ age thing. True you may have to choose to an extent, but personally, I'm not too worried about my ass getting SO small my eye sockets sink in, lol Juicy booties = a hot chic. It's just basic math. ; )

  2. Really?! People want a better ass over a better face??!! Not me! Even when I was thin I had a fuller face, so maybe there's hope for me - ha!