Thursday, January 20, 2011


I survived some major temptations today!! I attended a birthday party today w/ my girls, and there were quite a bit of not so healthy foods - spaghetti cheese casserole, fried flour tacos, cheetos, cake and brownies, and I passed on all of them. Well, I had a teeny, tiny bite off the corner of my daughter's taco, but I'm talking a really little bite! I, also, had a bit of wine, and a few tortilla chips with a little gaucamole. Other than that - I had some orange slices, and some carrots. So, I wasn't perfect, but I could been very, very bad! To be honest, it really wasn't that hard for me to be good, which surprised me a little, so I'm happy about that.

I had planned to make sweet potato burritos for dinner tonight, but decided on pot roast instead. I made it in the slow cooker, and it was so good!! The only thing I added in with the pot roast was diced tomatoes, onions, cajun seasoning, tabasco sauce, and pepper. That's it! We didn't have potatoes or bread with it, and we were all satisfied!

Hopefully, the sweet potato burritos will be a hit tomorrow night!!


  1. You did really awesome today! I'm surprised you didn't write about me and how you had to observe your friend tumbling off the wagon.... damn, I was just SO HUNGRY! lol Did my best to log all my stuff though and after I had a Protein Bar for dinner (weeee) I came a little under my 'maintaining' calorie limit - so hopefully I only stalled myself, not sabotaged ; ) Your will power was steller today though.

  2. I would never out you like that, Jen!! Ha! Well, it's good you didn't end up, totally, blowing your calories, so it wasn't as bad as you thought.