Sunday, January 9, 2011

**Good, but Bad**

So, as far as food goes, it was a pretty good day.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 piece of toast, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, 1 apple, & green tea

Snack: Nutri Grain bar & water

Lunch: Wheat tortilla wrap w/ turkey, avocados, red bell peppers, lettuce, and a sprinkle of lowfat cheese

Dinner: 2 steak tacos w/ salsa, avocados, lowfat sour cream, low fat shredded cheese, and lettuce

Snack: Air popped popcorn

So, even though I ate pretty good, it was a shit day because my cravings were horrible!! And having the cravings put me in a really bad mood. I HATE that I let food affect me so much! I, actually, feel a little (okay, alot!) depressed because I can't run out and eat the crap I am craving - like a Big Mac, and a chocolate bar. But, realistically, I know that although it will feel so good going down, immeditately, after eating it I will feel terrible, physically and emotionally, so that's what's keeping me from doing it.

Anyway, I'm hoping the cravings won't be so bad tomorrow, and that, mentally, I will have a much better day!


  1. I am suffering the same thing. It was really bad on Friday night when we normally would go out to eat and I instead chose to just make the kids some pasta and eat random healthy stuff - I was so depressed you'd think I'd just been imprisoned. Yesterday, I had a busy day and got out to dinner (bad pizza) - so emotionally I was better, but I was REALLY GENUINELY HUNGRY the rest of the night and had more than used up my calories. Today was pretty OK, and we had a nice dinner out (which I am yet to calculate, but I suspect it was pretty OK) so at the moment I am content because I JUST
    got back from what I wanted!!! lol I'm sure you've been in this place before, but just remember that it does get better. Like today, I was trying to be sparing in the afternoon so I could relax at dinner - and I was hungry still, but I didn't care as much, if that makes any sense. Perhaps I'm just getting beaten down. : )

  2. I'm glad today was better for you!