Saturday, February 19, 2011


Reason #16 to lose weight - doctor appointments, especially, gyno appointments.  Going to the doctor is so humiliating...for me, anyway.  First, they take my blood pressure, and, of course, they have to use the extra large cuff to go around my big arm.  Next, I step on the scale, and the nurse will, almost always, be nice and try to start off on the 100 increment mark, and I always help her out by saying - nope, move up to 200 and we'll go from there.  Then it's time to get naked and wear the gown - the BIG, BIG gown they have to give me so it will cover all of my not so lovely curves.  And sorry for this part, Dad, but I have to share.  Next comes the boob exam - flat on the back, arms over my head, with my not even close to perky boobs falling to the sides of my body.  And then, finally, the pelvic exam - feet in the stirrups, legs wide open, big butt scooted down to edge of the table until, I am certain, I'm going to fall right off onto the doctor's head.  It is just such an unpleasant experience from beginning to end.  Now, I realize that visiting the gyno every year is not fun for any woman, but I have done it as a thin person, and as a fat person, and, for me, it is much more humiliating doing it as a fat person.  So, I look forward to the day I can walk into the gyno office as a "normal" sized person.


  1. Ugh...the dreaded "big butt scoot"'s so humiliating.

    It is easier going as a thin person. I was pretty thin when I first started going. It's just awful. Being pregnant was the worst, too (I had to be examined every other week...and then every week...toward the end). I'd literally just space out...but this is all after they took my b.p. (which was always high because I was obese and pregnant) and also after the scale shuffle (happens to me too each time). Sucks.

  2. Oh, yea, I knew some of you out there would be feeling my pain!!!:)