Sunday, February 20, 2011

**Exercise Log**

Last week, I did pretty good on my exercising, but I want to start doing better.  I think, having to post everyday if I exercised, or not, will help keep me more accountable.  I know only a handful of people read my blog, but I would still feel like a big loser if I had to post everyday that I didn't work out.  So, from now on, at the end of every post I will log my exercising.  And if I don't exercise there will be no excuses because there is never an excuse for me not to do it.  I am lucky, in that I have time in my day - EVERYDAY - to exercise, so I need to do it. Period.


  1. What sorts of exercise do you like to do? I find that when I do exercise DVDs at home, I sometimes (confession time here!) don't give it 100% because nobody's watching as I usually do them first thing in the morning before anyone else is up. If, however, my 6 year old is exercising "with" me, I give my full effort because someone's watching?

    At home I like to do yoga dvds, and also have a few of the Biggest Loser workouts.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!
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  2. Hi, Colleen. Right now, I'm using the Walk Away the Pounds DVD's, and when I do exercise I really do give it my all, but I know I need to exercise on a more regular basis. I'll have to look into the Biggest Loser DVD's. Thanks for commenting!