Monday, February 7, 2011


Reason #13 to lose weight - photos, specifically, photos of me! If I were to die tomorrow, there would not be many pictures of me left behind for my kids, and that's sad. I hate seeing photos of myself, so I try duck out of the way whenever a camera is around. Holidays, vacations, special events, etc. - I am the one that takes the pictures. There are thousands of pictures of my husband and girls, but when I look back on the pictures it's as if I wasn't even there. I've made myself invisible for years - there's no photo history of me for the last 13+ years! So, even though I'm still not comfortable with how I look, I've been trying to make sure to include myself in pictures - especially ones with my girls. I want them to see me being a part of their lives when they look back at all our family photos someday. Here's one we took together at Christmas.

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