Wednesday, March 16, 2011

**Day 75**

My girls and I took advantage of the nice weather today, and spent a couple hours at the park - it was a great day!  In the past, after an outing at the park, we would have head to Dairy Queen or McDonald's for snacks, but today we planned ahead.  We brought oranges, and string cheese to snack on, and the girls didn't even ask for ice cream!

When the new year started our whole family, basically, went cold turkey on junk food snacking.  We have always been huge junk food snackers!!  We'd get candy bars when checking out at Walmart (I mean, like every single time we were there!), and almost every night we would go to McDonald's to get apple pies, or a McFlurry - stuff like that.  So, I thought the girls would throw more of fit about not having candy, ice cream, and hot apple pies on a regular basis, but it really hasn't been an issue for them.  They are learning to snack on more healthful foods, like air popped popcorn (no butter!), celery sticks w/ a little peanut butter, and fruit w/ little cool whip.  I'm very proud of them!

Exercise today: 30 min. on the treadmill for the 5K training, and the girls and I took a 30 min. walk outside.

Here's some pics from our day at the park.  Click on the collage to enlarge.


  1. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! I bet you have a blast cooking and shopping with them. They look fun to hang with. you've got me wanting to have a girl! Dang it!

    I have these two boys that thump into me all the time. LOL!

  2. Thanks, Chubbs! Boys are so different than girls! I have three nephews, but they are just as awesome as my girls!:) I hope you are doing well. I'm having withdrawls from your blog! No pressure though!:)