Wednesday, April 20, 2011

**Day 110**

I set my alarm for 7:15am, so I could get my C25K training done before my weigh-in at WW, and it felt so good to get it done first thing in the morning, and have it out of the way for the day!  I was so ready for my weigh-in, and I just knew it was going to be a good one.  So, I get there, and I step on the scale, and it reads - 226.4!  2.2 pounds lost!  I was very happy, but then I got to my seat to wait for the meeting to start, and I started looking at my weight record book that the lady had just marked, and she put my weight down at 227.0!!!  WTF?!  And the weird thing is - she first put the 6 down, and then went over it with a 7!!!  Look:

Do you see it??  See the 6 behind the darker 7?  Why would she do that??  I was going to talk to her right after the meeting, but by the end of the meeting I starting thinking - whatever!  I know what it really was, so I'm not going to make a big stink over .6 pounds.  But if she pulls that crap again I will say something!!  So, anyway, my real 2.2 pound loss is only a 1.6 loss on paper, so that's what I will use for this week's weigh-in, which is okay because next week will show an even bigger loss!!

There's only 11 days left for the Chubby Bunny Challenge, and I'm not even close to the 10 pound loss I was hoping to be at by the end of April, but I'm not giving up!  I'm going to work my butt off!!


  1. What the hell? Why did she do that?! What a weirdo. Luckily, we know the truth. GREAT LOSS, gal. Great loss!

    I'm nowhere near my goals for the Chubby Bunny Challenge either. But it's all good: we're not quitting!!!!! That's a big part of what matters. ;)

  2. GRRR. Anyone can make mistakes but numbers are so important in WW!!

    10 lb loss by the end of April is not impossible. Keep pushing!! I am so proud of your effort!


  3. Weird that she would do that...?? But good job on the 2.2 or 1.6 loss!! Either way you look at it... the scale is moving DOWN!! ;)