Sunday, April 24, 2011

**Day 114**

Why do I always use a holiday as an excuse to eat like crap?  I've always done it, and today was no different.  I am so full, and I feel sick.  I didn't start the day with any kind of  plan, and that always leads to trouble for me.  I don't know why I keep making the same mistake over and over again - eating crappy foods, and not stopping after a few bites like I should when I do choose to eat crappy foods.  I feel like I've been there too many times this month!  I wouldn't be so upset with myself if I didn't overdue it.  Like this morning, we went to my sister's house for breakfast, and my mom ended up bringing fruit WITH fruit dip - you know, the, completely, yummy, but not good for you, cream cheese and marshmallow fluff fruit dip?!!  OMG - I love that stuff!!  Seriously, give me a spoon, and a corner to hide in, and I could eat a whole big bowl of it - without the fruit!!  Anyway, I started out with about a tablespoon of it with some grapes and strawberries, and I didn't need anymore than that, but, oh, I WANTED more, and I couldn't stay away from it!  It was calling my name - Here I am, Shannon.  I'm soooooo good.  Come have some more!!  And I listened, I went back two more times!  The whole day went this way - too much ham with pecan glaze, one too many buns, too much butter on my potato, etc.  So, it's all about poor planning, and poor choices for me.  I overdue it!  I need to remember - portion control!!

Once my stomach stops hurting, I'm going to walk, at least, 2 miles on my treadmill - maybe I can work off, at least, one of those buns that I ate! :)

I hope you all made better food choices than me today!


  1. Guess what? That was ONE day.

    Today's a new day. This is a new week. Break through your funk with healthy eating, lots of water, and as much exercise as your can muster. You're going to forget the "bad eating day" happened and you're going to feel 100% better by Wednesday. ;)

  2. Today is a new day. And think of it this way, A few months ago you made those kind of choices every day. Now you make smart choices most days. So one day this week is still an 85% improvement. That is a strong B. Don't beat yourself up too much :-)

  3. Thanks for the pep talk, Chubby and Jen! I needed it! :\