Thursday, April 7, 2011

**Day 97**

I received my blood test results from the check up I had a couple weeks ago, and I'm pretty happy with the results.  My total cholesterol is 179 which is in the normal range.  My HDL(good) cholesterol is 68, and my LDL (bad) cholesterol is 87, both in normal range.  My triglycerides is 118 which is, also, in the normal range.  And my glucose is 88 - normal again!  The only place my numbers are off a little is with my red blood cells which indicates I might be anemic, so I'm going to start taking an iron supplement to see if that will help improve my numbers.  Last time, I had my cholesterol checked it was 193, and my triglycerides were 148, so my new, healthier lifestyle is, definitely, helping!:)  Oh, and my hubby's cholesterol a year ago was 243, but today it's 204!!  So, he's getting healthier, too!  Yay!

Exercise today:  30 minutes of walking on my treadmill. Tomorrow is my 20 straight minutes of running!  Wish me luck!


  1. I'm feeling healthier just by seeing and reading your blog. As you already know, you have never been so committed and goal oriented in accomplishing a heathier life stye. Maybe I'm feeling less stress where I don't need to worry about you as much as I did in the past. You know parents will always worry about their children, no matter how heathy they are. Can't say how proud I am of you.