Monday, May 2, 2011

**Day 122**

Day 122 is almost over, but I did get all my workouts in today!  I walked 2 miles outside, then I did 2.1 miles on my treadmill, THEN I did the 30 day Shred dvd!  Whew - I'm tired, but I feel good!  I was on my treadmill for 40 minutes for my C25K training - walk 5 min., run 30 min., walk 5 min.  This is the final week for my C25K training, and I have no trouble running for 30 minutes straight, but I can't run 3.1 miles in that 30 min., so I will be working on improving my time over the next couple months.  The 5K I'm running isn't until July 21st, so I have plenty of time to train for it.  I can't wait to run that race!!

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