Saturday, May 14, 2011

**Day 134**

I did it - I ran 2 miles in less than 30 minutes!!!!

I had to run at 5.0 MPH the last 5 minutes to do it, and I almost puked, seriously, because it was so hard running that fast (that's really fast for me!), but I did it!!!!  It feels so great to accomplish these small goals when I set them!

I've noticed over the last week that my pants are getting really baggy - it's annoying, but I love it!  Today, I found capri pants in my closet - size 18 regular - that I totally forgot I had, so I put them on and they're baggy, too!  I wore them all day, but spent most of the day having to yank them up!  Great feeling!  I'm not going to buy new pants though - I'm going to wait until my pants, literally, won't stay up....I just don't want to spend the money on new clothes, right now.  However, I did buy a pair of running capris today - I bought an XL thinking they would be tight, but doable.  I put them on, as soon as I got home, and they weren't tight, at all!  In fact, they fit a little loose in the waist, so I should have bought the Large.  So, my bottom half is, definitely, shrinking!  Now, if only my boobs and stomach would follow suit!!


  1. Great job! I love/hate the baggy pants feeling too. It's an awesome NSV, but it feels awkward until you get some smaller ones. I wear mine as long as I can - new clothes are an expensive habit!

  2. What a FANTASTIC NSV!!!! Pants and 2 miles straight running?!?!?!? You're my hero!!!!!