Tuesday, May 31, 2011

**Still Day 151**

I'm at my sister's house watching my nephew, but Brenna is keeping him occupied, so I have a few free minutes. I was looking at my new pics posted on my sister's computer - I think, she has a widescreen monitor - and the pics look really distorted, and weird.  When I crop my pics in Picasa collage to do my side-by-sides I have to pick a size for the pics - standard, widescreen, 8X10, etc., and I always click on standard, thinking it will be fine, but now that I see the pics on my sister's screen I'm wondering if I should be picking something else because I look off in the pics!  Do the pics look distorted on your screen?

Update on my May goals, which were:

*Lose 8 pounds - I lost 3.
*Drink 96 ounces of water daily - There were only a few days that I didn't get in the whole 96 ounces!
*Healthy Eating - I did pretty good here, too.  I wasn't perfect, but, for the most part, I did well.
*Walk/Run 4 miles per day Mon - Fri.  Walk 2 miles on Sat. -  Slacked off at the very end of the month, but I did do some kind of exercise almost every single day.
*30 Day Shred - The last week of the month, I started only doing it about every other day, so I need to start over with this, since it's suppose to be done every day for 30 days.

June Goals:

*Lose 10 pounds
*Drink 96 ounces of water daily
*Track every calorie I'm putting in my mouth!!
*Mon., Wed., Fri., - outdoor training for my July 5K
*Tues. & Thurs. - 30 min. on the treadmill
*30 Day Shred, every single day - June 1-10 Level 1
                                                    June 11-20 Level 2
                                                    June 21-30 Level 3

I didn't win the bet with my dad to get half my treadmill paid for, but I'm hoping he'll be willing to do another bet with me.  Of course, it's not really about the money - it's about achieving my goals, and my dad knows this.

I think, the biggest thing I need to work on is tracking my food.  I eat healthy foods now, but that doesn't mean I'm not eating too much of the good stuff, and, possibly, consuming too many calories.  I'm on and off with my tracking.  I'll do it for a couple days, and then not for a couple, and then start up again, and then stop, so it's my goal this month to track, track, track - every single day!!


  1. I see HUGE differences in your pics from the beginning of May! Definitely the inches lost is noticeable! You look amazing! :)

    They don't look distorted on my screen at all.