Tuesday, May 31, 2011

**Day 151**

I just posted new pics in the "Pictures & Pounds" section of my blog.  I see a bit of a difference in the pics - how about you?  I want to start seeing a difference in my legs, but it's not happening.  Dang!

I weighed in today at 222.  **SIGH**  I've lost .5 pounds since my last weigh-in.  So, that's only about 3 pounds lost in the whole month of May.  What am I doing wrong?  But here's the thing - I'm losing inches.  I did lose inches this month!

May 1st - Bust: 49.5", May 31st - Bust: 46"  (-3.5")
May 1st - Tire Tummy #1: 44.5", May 31st - Tire Tummy #1:  43" (-1.5")
May 1st - Waist: 42.25", May 31st - Waist: 42" (-.25")
May 1st - Tire Tummy #2: 52.5", May 31st - Tire Tummy #2: 50.5" (-2")
May 1st - Hips: 47.5", May 31st - Hips: 46.5" (-1")
May 1st - Calf: 18.5", May 31st - Calf: 18" (-.5")

So, I'm happy about the inches I lost in May!  (By the way, Tire Tummy #1 and Tire Tummy #2 are my rolls of belly fat above and below my waist!!)  And, you know what, I'm going to be okay w/ the 3 pounds I lost in May, too!

I have to run for now - we're heading out to watch my nephew, Frankie, for a few hours!



  1. Look at your waist and your butt! WOW! I see them getting more defined and SMALLER!!!! Go, girl! GO!!!! This is just fantastic!!!!!!

    You're doing a bang-up job! Especially since you have PCOS (which can make weight-loss near impossible). I'm SUPER-DUPER proud of you!

    *Big, happy hugs!*