Friday, June 10, 2011

**Day 161**

A 4.5 gain.  What. The. Hell? When I saw that number this morning I was very, very upset.  I cried.  I felt confused.  I felt mad.  I felt defeated.  I felt tired.  I thought - I give up.  But that was at 9am this morning, and now it's 10:00pm, and I'm feeling much less....confused, mad, defeated, and tired.  I'm not, exactly, sure what's going on.  I drank tons of water, I exercised every day, I kept my calories below 1500 (except for Thursday - I was just over 1600), so I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing, but I had a gain....a HUGE gain.  I'm disappointed.  I've been in my 220's since April, and I just want to get into the teens!!

So, what's my plan?  Well, my friend just started a high protein meal plan, and she's already had a loss, so I'm going to give the plan a try to see if I can get my numbers moving down.  I will NOT give up!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I had a giant inexplicable gain this week, too - up 7 lbs overnight, up 2 more the next day. I took it easy for a couple days - ate on plan but cooled it off with my workouts, and it all disappeared, plus an extra pound. Sometimes mixing up your routines is a good shock to your system - like your high protein plan, or even just changing the intensity/frequency of workouts. I try to mix up my eating, too, to always keep my body guessing - so instead of 1400 every day, I'll have 1250 one day and 1550 another.

    Unexpected gains and plateaus are incredibly tough - it's so easy to focus on the moment and not the bigger picture. Keep your long-term goals in mind - you'll push past this in no time!

  2. Yep. Don't give up! Do NOT give up. That'd just be silly at this point with all the work you've put into this journey of yours. Right?

    I know it's disappointing (and heartbreaking...really), but I know you'll keep going and finish what you've started. I have MAJOR faith in you!

  3. Dont give up!! You can do this!! Sometimes I think the scale 'messes with out head!'

  4. Thanks Mary, Chubby, and Deb. I'm frustrated, but I, definitely, won't be giving up! This was only a stumble, and I'm already back on my feet!