Tuesday, July 19, 2011

**Still Day 200**

I went to the Sundowner 5K (that's the name of the race I'm running) website thinking (okay, hoping) I was going to find that the race has been cancelled since it's going to be 97 degrees out, and killer humid, and, well, I"m thinking someone will die (that someone will be me, of course) running in that kind of heat and humidity!!!  But, no, it's not cancelled.  They did have this to say though:
The forecast for Thursday includes a heat advisory...
Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, including race day, 
to maintain water balance prior to the run.

It's obvious the race is going to happen, so I picked up my race packet today.  Here's my shirt and bib:
As you can see, I'm number 105 - let's hope it turns out to be a lucky number for me!

I'm not going to run the 3.1 miles outside today.  It's a little after 6pm, and it's still 92 degrees outside, and I've decided that I'm only running outside,in 90+ degree weather, once this week!  So, I'll be doing my run on the treadmill tonight. :-)


  1. You rock my socks for even being in a 5k! Look how far you've come!

    You, my darling, are INCREDIBLE!

  2. YES! I'm excited for you! Take it easy in the heat! PLEASE drink lots of water, but not too much that you, like, almost pee your pants when you're running. Don't be like me. LOL!

  3. Hi, Scarly, Colleen, and Chubby!! Thanks so much for the support!