Sunday, August 14, 2011

**Days 225 & 226**

We enjoyed a nice weekend at our cabin with friends, but I won't lie - I ate like crap.  And I didn't exercise, at all.  I'm falling back into bad habits - eating bad on weekends, and not exercising on weekends.  I'm allowing myself to think - oh, it's the weekend, and it's only two days, so it's okay.  But it's not okay.  I'm just being lazy.  I can't allow the weekends to be an excuse for me to eat junk, and skip exercising, so I'm going get back to planning out a healthy food and exercise schedule for my weekends.

Goals for the week:

*5k workout Mon., Tues., & Thurs.
*Shred workout Mon., Wed., Fri.
*96 oz. water/day
*1200 calories/day
*Bedtime 11pm

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