Monday, August 29, 2011

**Days 240 & 241**

Short post tonight because I'm exhausted - it's been a long weekend!  I did the 5k race on Saturday.  Saturday night I was out late with friends.  And then yesterday and today I hung out with my family in Chicago, and we had such a great time!!  We spent hours and hours walking the last two days, and that's a new experience for me.  In the past, we spent lots of money taking taxis.  My thinking was - why would I walk if I can take a taxi??!  But I don't think that way anymore!  The new me thinks - why would I pay for a taxi if we can walk there for free?!  We started out at Millennium Park, and then we walked to Buckingham Fountain, and, from there, we walked to Navy Pier, and then we just kept walking and walking and walking, and we did the same thing today.  Don't get me wrong, my feet and legs are very sore, and my blisters are worse than ever, but before this year I never would have attempted to do all that walking, and it feels good to be able to do it now, and it feels good to WANT to do it now!!!  Click on the collage to see some pics of Chicago!


  1. What fun! The pics make me homesick ... I miss Chicago already! :[ It's a very walkable city, though, so easy to log tons of miles on foot!

  2. I like your attitude "why would I pay for a taxi if we can walk there for free?!"

    Love your Chicago photos. Looks like you had lots of fun. Yahhh for you.