Wednesday, August 31, 2011

**Days 242 & 243**

Final weigh-in for the month is not a good one:

I gained 3 pounds this month, so I'm, definitely, not going in the right direction.  It's so hard to come on here, and have to report a gain.  I feel ashamed that somewhere over the last couple months I lost my motivation to continue on this weight loss journey.  Why can't I get it the motivation back?  As I mentioned before, I can talk about it all until I'm blue in the face, but that's not going to get it done.  I need to regroup, and get myself back in the game.  I can't continue to gain.  I've worked too hard to let it all go to crap.

I'll be posting progress pics that will show no progress, but I skipped posting pics last month, and I don't want to skip again.

Anyway, don't give up on me because I'm not giving up on myself.


  1. I'm never giving up on you. *HUGS*

  2. You promise not to give up on me and I promise not to give up on you, yeah?

    Tomorrow starts a new month. Let's be determined to be the best we can be at this weight loss business this month. That doesn't mean "perfect" that just means lots and lots of effort.

    You game?

  3. So glad you have the attitude of I'm not giving up". That's inspring to see.

  4. Write down some concrete goals for the month of September. Then.... stick to 'em! :)

  5. Dont give up!! and dont stop posting!! I know it can be so very very frustrating! And I dont have an answer as to how to get your mojo back. Other than Just Do It. I dont feel like doing it sometimes, but once im finished, I feel so much better!!

  6. Shannon.. no giving up on you! I am searching for that motivation myself, and we will find it.

    And, going back a few posts.. yay on your latest 5k!! Awesome!

    Now, to get back on the horse. :)

  7. You have changed in many ways, not just in your physical appearance. You have changed your attitude, motivation,commitment,stamina,goal oriented,tenasity,etc. I could go on. It's like I have a new daughter. Don't get hung up a numbers but be patient and stay focused to live healthy and time will be on your side. Your are great inside and out. I belive in you and love you, Dad