Saturday, September 10, 2011

**Days 251, 252 & 253**

Thank you, again, to everyone for your supportive words!  You all know how difficult this journey is, and I'm so glad we are all here to support one another.  I, of course, will never give up.  I guess, I just need to whine sometimes when it gets really tough.  So, I had my boo-hoo moment, but I'm feeling better.  I'm feeling more positive, and I feel ready to get back to doing all the good things I need to do to continue on this weight loss journey.  I know I will have many, many, many slips along the way, but I will accomplish my goals - I know it.

I'm loving the cooler weather!  Walking and running outside is so much nicer now, so I'm looking forward to getting back on a regular training schedule for my 5ks.  And I'm, also, looking forward to doing the 30 Day Shred Challenge started by this wonderful blogger.  I think, a challenge is just what I need!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. Good to hear you are feeling better about this journey! I'm doing the challenge too (I started a few days early because I was scared of the DVD and thought I needed a jump start)....We are all here to support each other! This should be fun!