Thursday, October 13, 2011

**Day 286**

Not a great exercise day today, but I did get on the treadmill for a bit:

It was only 20 min., but I worked up a sweat, and burned some calories!

On a brighter note, I went shopping and I was able to buy a normal size 16 jeans - not 16W - just plain old 16's!!  And I got a new shirt - size XL!!  Here's the outfit:
I'm returning the shirt because I don't like it, but still - it's an XL!!

Calories:  1447
Water:  96oz - sucked on this today!


  1. Hey - congrats on the new jean size! That's always such a great feeling! You look good - keep it up, girl. Progress looks good on you!!!

  2. Thanks, Rochelle and Natoria!!

  3. Nothing beats buying smaller clothes!!!