Thursday, October 6, 2011

**Days 278 & 279**

There's a man that lives a few doors down from me, and, I swear, he spends half of his day on his front porch smoking.  Almost, every time I drive by his house he's standing out there having a smoke, and when I saw him today I wondered if he was thinking - With every puff I take I'm, slowly, killing myself!  Well, duh, of course, he's not!  And I wasn't either every time I took a bite of a Big Mac, or piece of cake, or a fry, or whatever!  Of course, I always knew my bad eating habits may kill me one day, but when I was in the moment of eating, horribly, I was only thinking about how soothing the food was.  Like smoker guy, my warped mind allowed me to enjoy my bad habit (and it still does sometimes).  Anyway, I was a little ashamed of myself for judging smoker guy today - I won't be judging him, or anyone else, anymore.

I didn't exercise yesterday, and I have no excuse for not doing it, so go ahead and throw that bucket of poo at me!

Today's exercise:
30 DS Level 1
Treadmill  (Walk 3 min., Run 2 min., Walk 3 min., etc.) - 25 min.
5k training (Run 5 min., Walk 2 min., Run 5 min., etc. ) - 30 min.


  1. I have those moments and I find myself judging other chubbies. I saw a girl buying a cheeseburger and chicken strips the other day and I thought 'Oh, honey please put that back! You don't need that crap! Eat a nice grilled chicken salad like I bought!'. Yeah, right! Six months ago that was ME. On days where I lose focus, that's ME. It's a tough situation.

  2. I find that I notice myself judging people a lot since losing weight but it's usually only because I dont want people to make the same mistakes that I've made and see them go through the same journey as me. Sometimes though, i guess we've just got to bite our tongue and let them get on with making their own choices.