Monday, October 17, 2011

**Days 288, 289, & 290**

Well, I made it through Sat.!  I wore a dress to the masquerade ball, and I even allowed myself to feel a little pretty while I was all dressed up!  After the ball we ran home to change clothes, and then we headed to my hometown to hang out with a few friends from high school, and, again, I allowed myself to feel good about the fact that I was about 30 pounds lighter than I was last year when I was there for my 20th high school reunion.  I enjoyed an awesome night with old friends!  I didn't waste one minute feeling uncomfortable about my weight, and that feels so good because last year I cried before and after the reunion!  I'm happy to be in a better place about myself now.  No, I'm not even close to my goal weight yet, BUT I'm getting more comfortable in my own skin, which is so important because it allows me to get out there and live my life.

My hubby and I spent the last two days celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.  Yesterday, we spent the day with our girls shopping for Halloween costumes, and visiting a pumpkin farm.  Today, hubby and I enjoyed a day alone shopping, and just hanging out.  Unfortunately, the only exercise I did over the last few days is dashing through a corn maze!  We were lost in that thing for almost a half hour chasing our girls around!

Yea, I was really off track for a few days, so I have alot of work to do this week!  Drink water, track food, drink water, exercise daily, drink water, drink water, and drink more water! :)

I'm really behind on blogs, so I'm heading over to check to see how you are all doing!


  1. Shannon... I'm so glad you enjoyed your reunion weekend! And happy anniversary to you and hubby!

  2. You might have been off track for a few days but it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Sometimes its good to just have fun and take a few days off :)

  3. "allowed myself to feel a little pretty" - Do that more often, ok? Walk with confidence, add a little bounce to your step. The world will take notice! :) Glad you had a good time.

  4. Thanks Jacqui, Tim, and Ellie!!!!

  5. Glad you had fun! Happy belated anniversary!
    I certainly do love a good corn maze...might have to check one out this weekend!