Tuesday, October 25, 2011

**Days 297 & 298**

Still here, and still struggling a bit, but I am doing better.  I can't believe the month of October is almost over...heck, I can't believe this year is almost over!  As I mentioned before, I thought I would be further along in my weight loss journey by now, and, of course, I can only blame myself for not doing as well as I had hoped.  There are so many reasons I want to lose this weight, and another one came up about a week ago - I'm going to Walt Disney World in 14 weeks!  My parents have very, graciously offered to take my family, and my sister's family on this wonderful trip!  I will not go on this trip and have to worry about fitting into the airplane seat.  I will not go on this trip and have to worry about fitting onto the rides with my girls.  I will not go on this trip and feel too uncomfortable to put on a swimsuit to swim with the dolphins.  I have 14 weeks to work my butt off, and, no, I can't reach my goal weight by then, BUT I can, and will, lose plenty of weight by then.  I've spent the last 14 years living an altered life because of my obesity - missing out on so many things.  This trip will be different.


  1. You got this girl! Just keep your head in the game!

  2. Do it, Shannon! I know you can! 14 weeks is a lot of time. You've got this!!!!

    Man...I'd be so stoked! You guys are LUCKY! Enjoy it! Enjoy working hard to enjoy it more, too!

  3. They are all great reasons to really help motivate you through Christmas and the New Year.
    You'll have a fab time at Disney World.

  4. Thanks Teresa, Chubby, and Tim! I'm going to kick ass over the next 14 weeks!!