Thursday, October 27, 2011

**Days 299 & 300**

I didn't exercise yesterday, and I have no excuse - I just didn't do it.  However, I did make good food choices, and I did drink lots of water - not over 100 oz., like I planned, but close.

Today, I did a 30 min. walk/run on the treadmill, and I, again, I did good with my food and water.

I'm feeling bloated and achy (could be because my monthly visitor is due on Monday - on weigh in day...great!), so I decided to do a bit of a veggie and fruit diet for a few days:
I bought plenty of fruits and veggies to last me a few days, and I'll add a bit of protein to some of my meals, too.  I'm hoping I'll feel a bit cleaned out after a few days! :)


  1. That looks like a good arsenal of fruits and veggies. Hopefully you will feel like new when you are finished with your mini cleanse. I must warn you about the V-8 has a relatively high sodium content (like in the ballpark of 470 - 500 mg for an 8 oz glass) so careful not to drink too much or your will just increase bloat and defeat the purpose of the fruits and veggies diet. I know they have a low-sodium version, so you may want to try that - I have never had the low-sodium stuff but when I went to see a nutritionist a few years ago I remember her warning me about V-8 because I told her I used to drink it all the time - (I love the stuff - especially in bloody mary's!)

  2. I love buying fresh vegetables and fruit, they always look so delicious!!! Good luck with Monday's weigh day!

  3. Yes! You will feel great. I did 10 days of fruits-veggies-nuts-herbal tea. Only. I felt amazing afterwards and during. That looks like a good haul!!!!

  4. Your food looks delicious! I wish I had a chef that could just shop & decide meals for me. I always feel like my food is boring compared to everyone else's...

  5. Thanks for commenting everyone! Oh, Rochelle, I did get the low-sodium V8, but, of course, it doesn't taste as good as the original V8!!