Monday, November 14, 2011

**Day 318**

Quicky post!  I just got back from the gym:

Arc Trainer - 20 min.
Treadmill - 15 min.
Crossbody Ellipitical - 10 min.

And then I did a few of the weight machines.  So, I had a great workout.  My eating was good today, too.  I didn't get as much water in as I should have - only had about 48 ounces.  Why is drinking alot of water so hard?


  1. That is a good workout. :) Get in the habit of water, it's a great thing. I fell out of the habit about 7 days ago, but am now back on track and already feeling better!

  2. Hi, Ellie! I'm going to keep working on my water - I know it's key to weight loss!

  3. I struggle with water too, i just dont get how people drink so much a day.

  4. I hear ya, Tim!! I wish I could just do it, but I'm just not there yet!:(