Sunday, November 13, 2011

**Days 316 & 317**

I didn't make time to exercise yesterday - I suck!  My girls, my hubby, and my dogs were at the cabin, so I took advantage of the fact that I didn't HAVE to get up, and slept late instead.  Once I got up I spent four straight hours cleaning my whole house and doing laundry, so I'm sure I burned some extra calories, but I still should have made time to get on the treadmill.   Anyway, once I was done cleaning I headed to the hospital to spend the night with my sister and my new niece - it was wonderful!! :)

I've spent a small fortune on running shoes this year trying to find the right pair, but it hasn't happened, and my most recent pair has been causing me alot of pain.  So, today I went to Road Runner Sports and they performed a running analysis on me - they video taped me while I ran on a treadmill.  Turns out that I am a supinator, so I need a Neutral shoe, but I was wearing a Stability shoe.  Also, they measured me at a size 8W, but I've been wearing a size 7.5R.  I ended up buying Brooks Ghost 4 running shoes in an 8.5W, and I, also, purchased a custom insole for my shoes.  Is this whole analysis thing just a scam??  I have no idea, but I'm willing to listen to their suggestions - I just want to be able to walk and run pain-free.  Also, I can wear the shoes for up to 90 days, and if they don't work I can take them back, and exchange them.  I did wear them on a 2 mile walk/run tonight, and they felt good.  I had less heel pain, and there was no pain in my toes, so it's a good start.

My next official 5k race is this coming Saturday, and I'm not ready for it, at all.  I have not trained, nearly enough, but I'll be doing it anyway, and I'll do my best!

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  1. Wow, that's twice i've read about companies that analyse how you run and get the correct footwear. I wish there was something like that over in the UK. Hmm, maybe there is and i'm not aware of it.

    Fingers crossed that they're good!