Sunday, December 4, 2011

*Days 337 & 338*

Last night I went out with my parents and my sister to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday - we had an appetizer, dessert and drinks, so I was way over on my calories for the day, but I did get a treadmill workout in:

And I was, pleasantly, surprised to see this number on the scale this morning:
I was 229 on Friday, so I'm still moving in the right direction (finally) - yay!!

I was back on my treadmill today for another 30 minute workout:

My goal is to exercise every single day this month!  I'll be going to the gym tomorrow night!

This is, totally, off topic, but I just have to say if you ever have a chance to go see Frank Santorelli (he was the bartender on The Sopranos) - go see him!  He's a stand up comic, as well as an actor.  We went to see him at a comedy club last night, and, I swear, I never laughed so hard in my life!  He is hilarious!!


  1. I'm hoping to see a loss on the scales today after going out for a birthday meal yesterday. This post is giving me hope! good job! What food did you eat at the meal? I love going out to eat!

  2. Are you really going to make me list the bad food I had, Tim??! Oh, okay! :) I had Petite sirloin with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes (I only ate half of my meal), appetizer was spinach and artichoke dip (shared with my parents and my sister), and I had pie for dessert - French Silk, AND I had three alcoholic drinks! I was very bad - I have no idea how I managed to be down one pound the next day, but I'll take it! Oh, and I love going out to eat, too!!!

  3. I had a cheat day on Saturday too but from the looks of your comment above you had a way better one than me! LOL ..We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Eh.. I would have been happier eating ANYTHING else but there. Service was bad and food was "oookay". Good job on the weightloss!

  4. Thanks, Yolanda! I've only been to Buffalo Wild Wings once (a long time ago), and I didn't like it that much either!