Sunday, December 18, 2011

**Days 351 & 352**

My sister and I did the Reindeer Run 5k today, and it was the hardest race I've done, so far.  It was a trail run, and it kicked my butt!  We ran in the woods, on open farmland, a gravel road, and we dealt with ice and mud - I almost lost my shoe, at one point, because it got stuck in the mud.  It took us forever to finish the race!  I complained through the whole thing because I spent the entire time trying not to fall or break an ankle - my sister is a saint for putting up with me!  I now have a sore ankle, a sore heel, and a sore back, BUT I'm glad I did the race because it was a real challenge for me, and I finished it.  Plus, my sister and I spent alot of time laughing - so it was a good time, too!

Here's my time:

Shannon D'Amico  284  0:52:11.5   39

And a few pics:

 Behind the cars is one of the open fields we ran in
  Ran on gravel
 Ran out in those woods
AWFUL picture of me, but my Do Life shirt looks great!  You can get one here!  


  1. Sorry but I admit to laughing when you wrote you nearly lost your shoe in the mud! hahaha!

    Congratulations! It sounded like a great laugh!

  2. Thanks, Tim! :) The whole race was, pretty, comical - my main goal was just to stay upright! Oh, and to not let the mud eat up my shoes!!

  3. Great job getting out there and getting it done! Proud!!!