Friday, December 16, 2011

**Days 348, 349, & 350**

It's almost 1am, so very, very early Friday, and I'm still up, and probably won't be going to bed anytime soon!  I've been working around my house non-stop for the last two days.  We're having two parties this weekend, and for some crazy reason we started to redecorating one of my daughter's bedrooms, so, of course, I wanted it done before our first party tonight.  We painted her room, tore off the old trim, bought new trim that needed to be painted before we put it on, painted a bookcase and a chair, hung pictures, hooks, and a cork board, and, finally, had to assemble her new loft bed, but we finished it all around midnight.  In addition to doing her room I had to clean my whole house, do laundry and, of course, go shopping for all the food, and stuff, for the parties.  I am exhausted, and my feet and back have been killing me for two days, and you know what's coming.........I haven't exercised in two days.  At first, I was really bummed that I wasn't going to reach my goal of exercising everyday this month, but I'm kind of over it.  It's not like I've been sitting around doing nothing, and I know I'll get back to my exercising tomorrow, since all my work around here is done.

Something really embarrassing happened a few days ago - me and my fatness broke my scale!  I got it Tuesday morning to check out my weight, and as soon as I stepped on it I heard a loud crack!  I was like - WTF?!  I stepped off it, but didn't see anything broken, so I picked it, and gave it a shake, and something was rattling around inside it.  I stepped back on it, and a lovely number appeared - 216.  Ummm, I know I've been doing great with my workouts this month, and I've been eating really good, BUT there's no way I'm 216 pounds!  So, while I would love to be able to go with that number....I can't.  My scale is broken, and I'm going to have to buy a new one.  I do have an analog scale here, but I really liked the digital scale, so I'll get another soon.  We only have two weeks left in December, so I'm going to hold off on weighing in until Dec. 31st.  I'm still going for my goal of losing 12 pounds this month - we'll see what happens.  I'm going to work hard for it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I broke my scale once too. You're not alone!!! I also prefer digital scales, they just look so cool compared to the analog ones! haha.

  2. Hi, Tim! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has broken a scale!