Friday, January 13, 2012

**Day 378**

So, I weighed-in on my analog scale first thing this morning (just to show you the difference between the analog and the digital).  On the analog scale I was:
Back to 219 (last week showed about 216.5), which I don't get because I was so darn good this week!  Well, except for Wed. with the burger, fries, and cafe mocha. So, on the analog scale (which I used for weigh-in last week) I'm showing a 2.5 pound gain. :(

Now, get this - here's what my new digital scale showed:
Damn it!  AND I started a weight loss challenge last night at a friend's house, and her digital scale put me at 233!!  Double damn it!  So, this just goes to show me that all scales are not created equal - not even close!!  BUT I'm not going to stress over it.  My new digital scale is the scale I will be using for my home weigh-ins, so that's the weight I'm going with for today, and, all that matters, from here on out, is that the number starts going down!

Only 20 days until my Florida trip, but I'm not worried - I'm going to kick butt.  I know, I know - you have your doubts, but stick around! :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. My suggestion is set a 10 pound weight or bag of sugar on the scale & properly calibrate it so you know for sure it's right.

  2. You're a strong woman...I'd have kicked that digital scale into the wall if I would have seen that difference. You're so right: they are not created equal. I hate scales. Hate 'em! LOL!

    Good for you for not getting discouraged. It'll be nice to watch the numbers go down, down, down. ;)