Thursday, January 12, 2012

**Days 376 & 377**

Yesterday didn't go so great for me, but I only have myself to blame.  I started with a good breakfast - a bowl of Cheerios, and fruit.  And I had plans to get on my treadmill since I wasn't going to the gym, BUT I never got on my treadmill.  Then I skipped lunch, and by dinner I was starving.  We had some errands to do, so we decided to head out to do them, and go to dinner.  I had a big, fat burger, and some fries.  And then I got a Caribou Cafe  Mocha after dinner.  So, basically, I spent my whole day making poor choices.

I, finally, bought a new digital scale yesterday, and, well, let me tell you the analog scale I used for my last couple of weigh-ins is way off!!  It's MUCH friendlier than the digital scale - MUCH!  It is an old scale, but I had no idea it was so inaccurate.  I'll be using the new digital scale from now on for weigh-ins, so tomorrow's weigh-in will show a gain, for sure, but it is what it is.

Today was a much better day!  My dad and I went to the gym this morning, and I did:

Incline Elliptical - 30 min.
Treadmill - 20 min.

My eating was good, and I drank plenty of water.

I haven't been doing any running or strength training, so I need to work out a plan for getting started because I really need to do both, so I'm going to work on that for next week.

I'll be back in the morning for my weigh-in!


  1. Everyone has bad days but good on you for keeping to it!! :D

  2. I'd throw away the digital scales if it was telling me I was heavier! LOL

  3. Tim - I wanted to smash the scale, for sure!!