Monday, March 19, 2012

**Days 441 - 444**

We had a great weekend away.  We took our girls to a homeschool conference, and it was alot of fun.  The girls attended classes, enjoyed a fun night of dancing, participated in a talent show, and they did some swimming.  I relaxed with my hubby and friends.  I drank a little too much, and I ate a little too much, and I didn't exercise, so I have a lot of work to do this week!

I went to the gym first thing this morning and I started with 30 minutes on the incline elliptical:
After the incline treadmill I jumped on the regular elliptical for 15 minutes and I ended with a 10 minute walk on the treadmill, so 55 minutes of cardio for today.  It's so great to get my workouts over with first thing in the morning!

There's a storm rolling in:
I can't say I agree with the Carpenters - rainy days and Mondays, definitely, don't get me down.  I love an occasional gloomy, stormy, rainy day, and, really, there's nothing wrong with Mondays!  Rainy days are a great excuse to be a lazy.  We love to snuggle up on the couch, and watch a movie, so, I think, that's our plan for the day, and I won't feel a bit guilty being lazy since I got my workout out of the way.

Have a great week!


  1. The best thing about getting the workout done is that the rest of the day can be guilt free :)

  2. I finally located your blog, mom showed me last night. I missed reading your blog. As u know, mom and will be leaving tomorrow but we will get back at it when we return. I know your hurting right now but get back it when u feel better. No one works harder than your when u get to the gym, keep up the good work. See ya when we get back, Love Dad

    1. Thanks, Dad! Have a great vacation!