Wednesday, March 21, 2012

**Days 445 & 446**

Monday night I, finally, got my butt outside to run!  My friend, Jen, started the C25K, so I decided to do it with her, since I haven't been doing the Hal Higdon program, as I planned.  Unfortunately, the training did not go good for me.  For months, I've had pain been here:

And it's been getting worse.  I think, I've started walking different to compensate, and it's affecting other parts of my body now.  My foot was hurting when we started the training, and by the middle of it my knee and lower back starting hurting, too.  I should have stopped but I didn't, and getting back to my friend's house was not easy.  When I woke up Tuesday morning it was very painful to walk!  I had pain in my right heel, right knee, lower back, and my hip - I was walking with a limp.  So, I had to skip the gym, and I spent the day in alot of pain.  I still have pain today, but it's not, nearly, as bad, so I'm thinking about going out for a little walk.  I should probably go get my foot looked at, but I'm thinking it's Plantar Fasciitis, and I don't think there's much the doctor can do for that - maybe make me wear a boot cast (no!), or give me a steroid shot (ouch!), so I don't know.  What to do?  What to do??

I'm not weighing myself until March 31st.  Why?  Well....because I've gained since my last weigh in - mostly, from my weekend away.  Seriously, it's crazy how fast I put the weight on!  One weekend of bad choices can undo two weeks of hard work for me!  So, I'm ignoring the scale, and working my butt off.  Of course, it would be easier to work my butt off if I wasn't injured, but I'm doing what I can. :-\

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