Tuesday, April 24, 2012

**Days 477 - 480**

My foot pain is getting worse, unfortunately.  I had to cancel my gym plans yesterday because it was so painful to walk when I woke up.  I iced it a couple times throughout the day, and took some ibuprofen, and by last night it was feeling better, so I took a 45 minute walk, which was not a good idea because this morning my foot is hurting worse than it ever has! :(  I'm, finally, going to the doctor on Friday, and I'm really hoping he can do something to help.  I'm having alot of trouble walking around, but sitting on my butt all day is not an option, since I have to get my girls to horseback riding, piano, dance, and theater today, so I'll be hobbling around in pain.  Anyway, I'm going to focus on eating well, and drinking lots of water, of course.

I'm really behind on reading blogs, so I'm going to try to catch up tonight.  I hope you are all doing well!!


  1. Oh no! Sorry the walk made it worse! Fingers crossed that they will have a plan to get you fixed on Friday!

    1. Thanks, Jen! BTW - you and Michelle did awesome on the running!!! Thanks for coming back for me! :)

  2. Good idea about visiting the docs! Hope you get it fixed soon! :)